Steampunk Dress in Decadent Style

The word decadent stems from the 19th century. There were a group of people in Europe that holding the totally different attitude from the capitalist class. And they could not change the occasion at that time so they did some thing against the main society. And designers apply this idea into the dress design. The concept of the decadent style is taken from the evil and bad things. It praises the evil things. And the most prominent feature is the black color. Their view is mainly on the field of the blackness. And to appreciate the beauty from the ugliness and the evil things.
Black Long Sleeves Decadent Steampunk Dress

Black Decadent Steampunk Dress

Steampunk Dress

When such a kind of concept applied into the dressing field in steampunk style, the above pictures could give you some inspiration about the decadent style in the steampunk dressing. The color of black firstly sets a terrified and dark atmosphere. The steampunk element in the dresses is the sleeves and the silhouette. The keyholes on long sleeves and decorative faux cobwed add a stronger decadent look to the first dress.The second one is characterized by the half open sleeves and the decoration on the bodice.To conclude, the decadent style in the steampunk dress is a good application.

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