Steampunk Inspired Prada Men’s Suit

From the latest fashion news, we see the famous band of Prada issued a series of men’s suits in the steampunk style. Steampunk is really popular that the designers from Prada apply into their men’s attire. The following pictures are what they issued.
steampunk clothes for men
steampunk clothes for men
All the outfits are in the steampunk style for two most outstanding features. One is the striped element. And the other is the metallic decoration on it. The steampunk outfits use the striped element very often. It can send a vintage feeling of the old industrious time. The industrious period is characterized by its machine. So some metallic element could finish a much better steampunk look for men. Besides, the copper or the brown colors can also help to define a steampunk style. Why? That is because the machines first invented in the industrious revolution are all made of the copper and iron. Anyway, all above three elements are the most essential factors to a steampunk look.
The outfits that shown in the picture are very vintage and noble. It can enhance the wearer to a high status.
And all above I mentioned is the Prada's fall 2012 menswear line and I think it is awfully steampunky. From this we can see the steampunk is become a new trend not for some people who are fond of it, but also as a fashion for all people.

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