Where to start the steampunk?

Steampunk style is a so amazing style in the fashionable clothing world in nowadays. It attracts so many people’s attention from young to old and from western to eastern world. As a great fan in the steampunk style and fashion, I would like to talk about where and how to start the steampunk style to the new fans who are just in this trendy style.
steampunk dress

steampunk dress

Black and White Striped Lace Steampunk Dress

Striped Lace Steampunk Dress

First of all, you should know the steampunk style is inspired by the victorian period. It was originally appeared in the late victorian period and had something similar and also different with the victorian style. So if you are not clear about what to wear, the clothes in the victorian style will not embarrass you at all.
Secondly, let’s come to the features and the characteristics of the steampunk style clothing. No matter the clothes are for men or women, there always has the copper tone and some patterns like striped design,the bustle skirt, etc . They are the most classic details in this style.
Besides, there remains the inevitable element to fulfill this style: that is the metallic decoration. To some points, the added metallic adornment may make you look more steampunk that the only clothes which I strongly believe.
There is saying that:it is the first step that costs troublesome. So you can follow what I write here to begin and enjoy your stempunk journey.

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