Jule Verne: the Father of Steampunk

Although it seems not to be 100 per cent accurate that Jule Verne started steampunk as a genre by his novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, he is surely a master of science fiction at his own time. His imagination is far beyond his contemporaries and his wild imagination did inspire a lot of artist and fans to create such a new genre.

If you think that steampunk comes out of nowhere then you must be very wrong. In Verne’s work, steampunk has already existed for long. The submarines and those advanced devices and that historic background combined together creating this weird steampunk style, which drove many fans in fantasy about this mysteriously creative genre.
Jule Verne tended to imagine himself to be the leading character of the novel who is always a weirdly scientist having big dreams and huge plans for his own life. He always focuses on inventing weird stuff and dresses himself in a madly scientific way. 

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